Kids Sunday ONLINE (Sunday, February 7, 2021)

Daniel Was Rescued

February 5, 2021 • Josh Cooley • Daniel 6

This week’s lesson is entitled “Daniel Was Rescued” (Daniel 6). It’s the well-known but nevertheless remarkable story of how Daniel courageously refused to pray to anyone except the one true God despite a terribly unjust law that told him to pray to the Persian king. For taking a stand for his faith, he was thrown into a lion’s den.   As we’ll learn this week, this story is not only about Daniel’s amazing faith and courage in the face of a life-threatening situation, but most importantly, how God was faithful to Daniel and rescued him from death. Today, God is still rescuing his people from death when we trust in him through faith in his Son, Jesus Christ. Praise the Lord! I encourage you to find some time this weekend to sit down with your child and watch this week’s Kids Ministry family worship video. Don’t forget to talk about it together as a family using the questions below! TALK ABOUT IT What do you think is the most amazing part of this story?  Do you think Daniel was scared about being thrown into the lion’s den? Why or why not?   What can you do the next time you feel pressure to do something you know God would not want?   What was the result of Daniel’s trust in God?  What example does Jesus give us about obeying even when it’s very difficult?