Kids Sunday ONLINE (Sunday, February 14, 2021)

God Brought His People Home

February 12, 2021 • Josh Cooley • Ezra 1-3

This week’s lesson is entitled “God Brought His People Home” (Ezra chapters 1-3). It’s the story of how God faithfully kept his promise to return his people to the land of Judah after 70 years of Babylonian exile. Shortly after the Persians conquered Babylon, God remarkably stirred the heart of pagan King Cyrus to allow the Jews to return to Judah and rebuild the temple. This is a wonderful story of God’s great love and forgiveness toward his people despite their many sins against him, and it has beautiful connection points to us today since we, too, are in great need of God’s love and forgiveness. Praise the Lord that he has provided this through his Son, Jesus! I encourage you to find a moment this weekend to sit down with your kids and watch the “Kids Online” family worship video. Don’t forget to take some time and talk about it together as a family using the questions below! TALK ABOUT IT - How do you feel about going home after you have been away for awhile? - How do you think God’s people felt to go home? - What does this story help us to remember about God? - Which promises of God do you remember? - Talk together about what you hope our home with God is like. How will it feel to be there?