Hall Family

Serving the deaf in Ghana

In our last report, we were giving thanks and praising God for what He was doing in His church. Then, what felt like out of nowhere—a hook, a jab, and an upper-cut from the Devil. First my backpack, containing my Bible and glasses, was stolen from my vehicle. Just a couple of days later, my truck broke down. What we thought should have been an easy fix was not. After spending over $1,000 on everything that was breaking and switching mechanics, we got to the root of all the problems, which cannot be fixed. It has done its damage, and we need a new engine. In the midst of me going back and forth with the mechanic, our son Tyler fell 12 feet from a tree and landed on his head on the pavement, splitting his head open. Praise God, all that was needed was stitches, and there were no other complications. This is just few examples; we were getting hit from every direction. Quite honestly, only by the grace of God were we on our feet, very much winded, but on our feet...