The Fall and Redemption of Man

The Redemption of Men

March 31, 2024 • Pastor John Walker • Romans 5:15

Adam's sin in the garden caused and avalanche of transgressions that humanity could not correct. God gave Jesus as the ultimate sacrifice. His death, burial, and resurrection ended the avalanche of transgression and provided man with grace which brings salvation, the person of the Holy Spirit, and the ability to work in the kingdom.

The Fall of Man

March 24, 2024 • Pastor John Walker • Romans 5:12–14

How did we(humanity) get into the mess we are in spiritually needing to be saved? Our parents disobeyed a direct command form God. They listened to Satan's suggestions which led them to desire what was not of God. This led to God casting Adam and Eve out of the Garden. Yet, God left a promise of One coming who will bruise the head of the serpent.