Monday Mindset

Mental shifts to Grow Your Faith

Peace | Monday Mindset S3 Ep2

July 12, 2021 • Aaron Rayburn, Brandon Sparks

Receiving God's Gift of Peace isn't complicated. To be happier and healthier, you need a renewing of your mind or a change in the pattern of thoughts you believe, by feeding your thoughts that make it be at peace.

Confidence | Monday Mindset S3 Ep1

July 5, 2021 • Aaron Rayburn, Brandon Sparks

Join Aaron and Brandon for a new season of the Monday Mindset podcast, as they solve the issue of self-doubt!

Be The Person You Desire To Be | Monday Mindset S2 Ep10

May 31, 2021 • Aaron Rayburn, Brandon Sparks

By choosing to embrace and practice good values every day, you may not always get what you desire, but you will always be the person that you desire to be!

Living Generously | Monday Mindset S2 Ep9

May 24, 2021 • Aaron Rayburn, Brandon Sparks

Greatness is not defined by what a person receives, but by what that person gives. Living to give, isn't a function of income, it begins with the heart. It's about serving others and looking for ways to add value to them. That's the way that you achieve significance in your life!

People Who Love People | Monday Mindset S2 Ep8

May 17, 2021 • Aaron Rayburn, Brandon Sparks

Life's greatest experiences often times involve other people. Each day, we have countless interactions with other people, and we make the conscience decision to initiate and build relationships with those people. Our view of how we see others, will challenge how we build our relationships, and we want to challenge you to be people who love other people!

The Key To Life's Meaning | Monday Mindset S2 Ep7

May 10, 2021 • Aaron Rayburn, Brandon Sparks

When people discuss the subject of faith, many are skeptical. They will either ignore it, misunderstand it, discount it, fight it, delay it, or explore it. It is in this exploration of faith that leads to life being full of meaning and purpose. Everybody puts their faith in something, but will you choose to put your faith in God daily?

What Were You Born To Do | Monday Mindset S2 Ep6

May 3, 2021 • Aaron Rayburn, Brandon Sparks

What were you born to do? What do you think your future holds? Do you believe you have a purpose or a destiny? If so, will you be able to fulfill it? In order to become the person you have the potential to be, you will need great tenacity, which comes from commitment!

Think On These Things | Monday Mindset S2 Ep5

April 26, 2021 • Aaron Rayburn, Brandon Sparks

We all have different backgrounds, and we are all facing circumstances right now that may be challenging, but we do know that there is hope. No matter what kind of goals you have, or obstacles that you need to overcome, thinking can give you an advantage. The advantage has the potential to change your life for the better, because our thoughts have the power to change lives!

Starving On Leftovers | Monday Mindset S2 Ep4

April 19, 2021 • Aaron Rayburn, Brandon Sparks

Each day is priceless. It has 24 hours that are each a special gift. Today our focus is on family, and John Maxwell says that his definition of success is "having those closest to me love and respect me the most." To Him, success would be impossible if I achieved outwardly but failed to take my family with me on the journey. In this episode we talk about how to make a family a priority!

The Million Dollar Racehorse | Monday Mindset S2 Ep3

April 12, 2021 • Aaron Rayburn, Brandon Sparks

As we continue to "Celebrate The Day" we are going to challenge ourselves to change our mindset on how we view and go about our physical health! Join Aaron and Brandon for another episode of the Monday Mindset!

Your Time Is Priceless | S2 Ep2

April 5, 2021 • Aaron Rayburn, Brandon Sparks

There is nothing more valuable than your time. Your time is a priceless gift that accompanies the day. We have 24 hours, and how we choose to use the time given to us is one of our greatest decisions!

Polluters and Purifiers | S2 Ep1

March 29, 2021 • Aaron Rayburn, Brandon Sparks

Choosing your attitude for the day is one of the most important decisions you can make. Following one of our most powerful episodes "Celebrate The Day" we are challenging our listeners to maintain a constant mindset that today is a gift, let's make the most of it, and it begins with our attitude!

Celebrate The Day | Episode 20

March 22, 2021

Join Aaron and Brandon as they celebrate the 20th Episode of the Monday Mindset, and talk about focusing on today and celebrating the great gift of it!

Monday Mood! | Episode 19

March 15, 2021

Join Aaron and Brandon for Episode 19 of the Monday Mindset as they discuss the powers of complaining, comparing, and criticizing!

Stop Being An Optimist! | Episode 18

March 8, 2021

How can you maintain unwavering faith that can and will prevail in the end? Join Aaron and Brandon for Episode 18 of the Monday Mindset!