September 8, 2019 • Rick Julian

Today we honored and recognized our community's First Responders. Today's sermon by Pastor Rick Julian was for every one of us as we are all First Responders at some points in our lives. Pastor Rick shared practical and Biblical ways to respond.

Built To Last - Part 2

November 10, 2019 • Rick Julian

Pastor Rick Julian continued our sermon series, Built To Last. Today's sermon was titled, Courage. Pastor Rick's message was about having the courage to be alone for something better.

Built To Last - Part 1

November 3, 2019 • Rick Julian

Pastor Rick Julian began a new sermon series today titled, Built To Last. In todays sermon, Pastor Rick tells us about 7 things you cannot change.

Disciple - Part 7

October 27, 2019 • Rick Julian

Pastor Rick Julian concludes our Disciple Series with a sermon titled, Troubler of the Vision. Pastor Rick lays the foundation of a vision at Bethel by asking the Why question.