Speak, Call, Cry & Shout

Jeff Van Duzer - Isaiah 40:1-11

December 6, 2020 • Jeff Van Duzer

Seeing Jesus

December 27, 2020 • Doug Kelly

Christmas Eve Worship

December 24, 2020

Click on the "Christmas Eve Service Recording" (this will take you directly to the recording on Dropbox). When you reach the Dropbox site, close the Blue Box at the bottom offering for you to Sign Up or Sign In (click the X in the upper right corner of the blue box). Then click on the blue PLAY button in the middle of the Screen and the service will start! Our very own fifth graders and several other members of our community have dedicated a lot of time and talent to help bring you a memorable, joyous, and intergenerational celebration of our Savior's birth.

Middle School Christmas Play

December 20, 2020

CAST: Mary - Hannah Langford Angel Gabe - Addie Marston Elizabeth - Ellie Russo Joseph - Charlie Montagner Angel with Joseph - Beatrice Kingsbury Caesar - Kieran Chen Angel Messenger - Kyra Blessing Angel Chorus - Addie Marston, Kaitlynn Machacek Shepherd 1-3 (Corban Cambell, Charlie Montagner, Kaitlynn Machacek) Magi 1-3 (Ellie Russo, Beatrice Kingsbury, Kyra Blessing) King Herod - Corban Cambell Child - Arlan Campbell Parent - Charlotte Kingsbury STUDENT DIRECTORS: Tori Woolridge Jacqueline Marion Elsie McFarland Editor and HUGE thank you to: Peter Houston-Hencken With special appearances as sheep by: Cody Duoos, Peter Houston-Hencken, and the Bethany Presbyterian Session