Middle School Christmas Play

Bethany Pres Youth Group

December 20, 2020

CAST: Mary - Hannah Langford Angel Gabe - Addie Marston Elizabeth - Ellie Russo Joseph - Charlie Montagner Angel with Joseph - Beatrice Kingsbury Caesar - Kieran Chen Angel Messenger - Kyra Blessing Angel Chorus - Addie Marston, Kaitlynn Machacek Shepherd 1-3 (Corban Cambell, Charlie Montagner, Kaitlynn Machacek) Magi 1-3 (Ellie Russo, Beatrice Kingsbury, Kyra Blessing) King Herod - Corban Cambell Child - Arlan Campbell Parent - Charlotte Kingsbury STUDENT DIRECTORS: Tori Woolridge Jacqueline Marion Elsie McFarland Editor and HUGE thank you to: Peter Houston-Hencken With special appearances as sheep by: Cody Duoos, Peter Houston-Hencken, and the Bethany Presbyterian Session