Leviticus Bible Study – Lesson 20

Leviticus 20

September 5, 2018 • Pastor Mark Lim

Passage: Leviticus 20 Study Questions: 1. Some of this chapter’s sins were discussed back in Lev. 18: What is attached to the crimes in this chapter? 2. How were worshippers of Molech to be treated in verses 4,5? How does it relate to Matthew 12:30 and 2 John 10,11? 3. What was the punishment for cursing father or mother? 4. How does Genesis 15:16 connect to Leviticus 20:22,23? 5. Along with personal moral laws, what other laws were the Jews reminded to follow?

Leviticus Bible Study – Lesson 28

November 28, 2018 • Pastor Peter Kim

Overview Questions: 1. Know in detail the chiastic outline of Leviticus. (Ask someone if you joined the bible study late) 2. Know by memory the five major offerings given in the first five chapters of Leviticus and how it was fulfilled in Christ in the New Testament. 3. What did you learn about God through the study of Leviticus? 4. What did you learn about yourself through the study of Leviticus? 5. What did you learn about the gospel through the study of Leviticus?

Leviticus Bible Study – Lesson 27

November 14, 2018 • Pastor Peter Kim

Study Questions: 1. What is the primary purpose of the laws of valuation of various things and people in this chapter? 2. Do these valuations teach that certain people are more valuable in God’s eyes? 3. What is the distinction between redeemable and unredeemable in this chapter

Leviticus Bible Study – Lesson 26

November 7, 2018 • Pastor Peter Kim

Study Questions: 1). Though this chapter addresses a number of specifics under each general category, what two general types of human behavior are addressed in this chapter? What two types of divine response are addressed? 2). What past action does God cite as proof of His ability to do such things for the people? 3) Several aspects of life are cited in which God would curse and hinder the people if they disobeyed Him. How would God punish the people, a) Personally/Bodily (involving health)? b) Agriculturally? c) Militarily? d) Socially?