Colossians Lesson 5

Colossians 1:21-29

February 13, 2019 • Pastor Peter Kim

Discussion Questions: 1. In what way is the mind of an unbeliever hostile toward God? 2. Where have you been placing your hope lately? How have you seen yourself drift when your hope is placed in anything else but Christ? 3. In what way does your life fill up “what is lacking in Christ’s affliction” for the church and in the world? 4. What are some dangers of speaking and working when God’s power doesn’t seem to be working mightily in you?

Colossians Lesson 16 Final Overview

May 15, 2019 • Pastor Peter Kim

Colossians Lesson 13

April 24, 2019 • Pastor Peter Kim

Discussion Questions 1. How is your prayer life today? In what way can you be more deliberate in your prayer life this week? 2. What aspect of the gospel do you need more clarity in? 3. Who are the non-Christians in your life you have been praying for? 4. In what way can you be more deliberate in sharing the gospel with them?

Colossians Lesson 15

May 8, 2019 • Pastor Peter Kim