2 Samuel 1:11-12 (8/2/23)


August 2, 2023 • Benham Brothers • 2 Samuel 1:11–12

John Maxwell said that “everything rises and falls on leadership.” 

That’s one of the truest statements ever made. 

We see this taking place amongst David’s mighty men. 

Their response to Saul’s death shows us the great leader David was.  

Backstory - Saul, the enemy of David and the current king sitting on the throne that was rightfully David’s, died in battle. 

How would David’s men respond? 

You would think that they’d be happy, excited that their leader was now going to be their king. 

Earlier, when Saul went into the cave where David was hiding, one of the men said, “This is a great day! God has delivered your enemy into your hand!” (1 Samuel 26) 

So we know David’s men wanted Saul dead.  

When news came of Saul’s death…

Vs 11-12 - “Then David took hold of his clothes and tore them, and so did all the men who were with him. They mourned and wept and fasted till evening for Saul and his son Jonathan, and for the army of the Lord and for the nation of Israel, because they had fallen by the sword.”

David was broken over Saul’s death because, even though Saul was his enemy, he was still God’s appointed man as king. 

It’s why David refused to kill him himself. 

David’s heart broke. 

Because of that, David’s men’s hearts broke as well.  

Everything rises and falls on leadership.  

This is so good for parents. 

Whatever we model for our kids they will magnetize it. 

EX: If you sow the seeds of bitterness, your kids will swing from the branches. 

EX: If you sow a little gossip, your kids will reap a lot! 

Proverbs 22:6 - leadership is the ability to create an appetite in others. 

What appetites are you creating in those who follow you? 

2 Samuel 1:10-15 (5/11/17)

May 11, 2017 • Benham Brothers

* Saul had killed himself. * This presented an opportunity for this young Amalekite to get in good with the king. * He saw an opportunity. * He took credit for something he didn’t do. * Because of this he lost his life. * The temptation to take credit comes from a man-pleasing spirit. * We want others to accept us and approve of us. * We need to always give God credit for what He does. * Otherwise it will become our place of death.

2 Samuel 3:1 (5/9/19)

May 9, 2019 • Benham Brothers

* When you do God’s work you’ll experience warfare. * Strength comes through strain. * So if you’re straining but not getting stronger you need to see if you’re doing God’s work or your own. * David’s and Saul’s house were in a war against each other. * David’s house grew stronger, but Saul’s grew weaker. * This is because David was doing God’s work. * When you work for the Lord you have energy for the task. * You’ll still need rest, but you won’t get burned out. * It’s like exercise - the more energy you exert the more you get in return.

2 Samuel 5:3 (5/29/14)

May 29, 2014 • Benham Brothers

David modeled a life that was led by God and not by ambition. After being anointed king he went back to tending sheep. Twice he refused to kill Saul because it would break a principle. When Saul was dead he refused to go and "take the kingdom." David was always waiting on God to bring about His plan in His time. Ambition will drive us to TAKE that which God wants us to WAIT for.