Reforming a Nation

A lesson from history on national renewal

August 7, 2014 • Benham Brothers

God had spoken 2 Chronicles 7:14 to Solomon years before, and now we get a glimpse into what this looks like in real life. vs 5-6 - The peace of the city had been replaced with violence (sound like a public school to you?). vs 7 - God promised a reward if Asa remained faithful to Him (in the next chapter we see him aiming for the reward and not God). vs 8 - Asa responded by "doing" something (3 parts to prayer - Keep Watch, Pray, Get Up And Do Something!). 1) He removed what was evil - he got rid of idols (anything that stands in the way of God, even good things!). 2) He restored what was good - he brought back true worship so they couldn't worship however they saw fit. This wasn't just creating good culture, but reinstituting that which drew people toward God. vs 9 - He gathered them for a solemn assembly. Note - many non-Jews wanted to become Jews at this time, not because of Asa's cool programs but by his spirit - they saw him as someone whom had the presence of God on him - this is the Law of Attraction. How did Asa manifest God's Spirt? 1) Resisted Evil 2) Restored Good. vs 10-11 - They sacrificed abundantly to God - people were getting right with God! vs 12-14 - They entered back into the covenant God had made with His people because they sought Him with their WHOLE heart. The covenant still existed but they had voluntarily walked away from it, but by their repentance they were back in. vs 15 - God gave them rest. The peace of God inside you will manifest itself outside you. What happens internally will manifest itself externally, so if we want peace in our land it starts with us! 2 Chronicles 31:1-2: When Hezekiah's assembly was over they went and tore down anything that stood between them and God. He then restored that which needed to be restored (the duties and roles of the Levites). This is what reformation "looks like." It doesn't end with the prayer.

Government Gone Bad

How environment can make a break a wealth creator • August 16, 2018 • Benham Brothers

* This verse shows the importance of good government. * A hardworking productive person can have their stuff taken away by a bad government. * The role of government is to praise the good and punish the wicked. * They do this so that we can have an environment that allows us to flourish. * As Christians we need to concern ourselves with discipling nations, not just people. * This means we have to be involved in shaping our environment so people can flourish. * Example - if you started a business in America you can make a lot of money. * But if you started the same business in North Korea there’s no chance.

God the Governor

How God gives us authority to govern • January 7, 2016 • Benham Brothers

• God forms and fills everything for man to govern the world we live in. • The world needed order first - then we could have dominion. • LIGHT has to come first - this is God’s presence. • Light did two things: • 1) SEPARATION - Holy means “set apart” - like a chocolate chip. • 2) GOVERN - the sun, moon, and stars are used to govern. • vs 22 - The first blessing - taking part in creation. • vs 28 - The difference in this blessing is that we have the authority to govern.

Justice and Covenant

How abusing the covenant leads to injustice • January 18, 2018 • Benham Brothers

* Gross sin demands justice. * Jacob’s sons were justified in their anger - justice needed to be served. * But they went about it in the wrong way. * When injustice happens we can rely on God or man. * You can go through God’s channel of justice or take matters into your own hands. * Jacob’s sons did the latter and it ended up badly for everyone. * The same is happening today - young kids demand justice but they’re going about it the wrong way. * They aren’t interested in justice according to God, but their own idea of what’s right. * So they’re looting cities and tearing down monuments. * vs 15-17 - ** when you are bent on your own form of justice it leads to the greatest injustice ** * Jacob’s sons used the sign of God’s covenant to kill innocent people. * Circumcision was God’s sign of peace with the Israelites, but it was now used selfishly to bully others. * Think about today - what’s the rainbow? * A sign of God’s covenant (peace with mankind). * How is it being used? To bully people. * God’s special covenant is being used wrongfully because of a cry for justice. * A cry for justice can only be quenched by a God who is just.