Becoming A Catalyst Of Positive Change

How To Upgrade Your Emotional IQ

March 25, 2018 • Kent Sparks

This weekend, Pastor Kent concluded our "Influence" series by talking about 7 practical ways to increase your emotional IQ through God's wisdom because if you want to upgrade your influence, you have to upgrade your emotional IQ.

How To Be An Encouraging Influence

March 18, 2018 • Kent Sparks

This week, Pastor Kent talked about six ways to be an encouraging influence because the best way to influence me is to encourage me.

How To Be An Influential Friend

March 11, 2018 • Kent Sparks

This week, Pastor Kent discusses how we must become a friends before we can become an influence.

Called To Be An Influencer

March 4, 2018 • Kent Sparks

This week, we began a new series called, "Influence." Pastor Kent talked about how we are called to be an influencer and how we can become a catalyst for positive change.