Deeply Committed To The Community Of God's People

The Asher Life

August 10, 2014 • Kent Sparks

Deeply Committed To A Lifestyle Of Generosity

August 31, 2014 • Kent Sparks

We are in the last part of our Asher Life series and it all comes together next week at Vision Weekend. You don't want to miss it. But this week Senior Pastor Kent Sparks is talking about how Asher people have a lifestyle of generosity; not just with their money but it is integrated into who they are. Listen or watch and then work on making a deliberate plan on how you plan to live a generous lifestyle in every area of your life.

Deeply Committed To Spiritual Integrity

August 24, 2014 • Kent Sparks

Are you living the Asher life? Is your life envied by others? Listen or watch this week as Senior Pastor Kent Sparks shows us the third part of the Asher life, being deeply committed to spiritual integrity. We learn that the key to a blessed life is to live one of regular self examination and repentance.

Deeply Committed To The Word Of God

August 17, 2014 • Kent Sparks

Part 2 of the Asher life brings us directly to the word of God. The BIBLE. You need a plan that will get you regurlally into the word of God, and a method to collect what God is teaching you. That's why we have the My Walk With God Journal, but you can also do it on your notepad on your phone, or an actual notepad. Either way listen or watch part 2 of the Asher life and see why God's word is so important.