Current Equipping Hour Classes

Decision Making God's Way

Led by Lawson Hembree and Josh Kwekel

Career change? Is he/she “the one” for you? Should I join this church? What is God’s will for your life? How would a Christian figure that out? If we are to be “led by the Spirit,” how does the Holy Spirit lead? Can we “miss” hearing God’s voice? Lawson and Josh will lead a study exploring “God’s will” and Christian decision making using two books—”Decision Making God’s Way” by Gary Meadors and “Just Do Something” by Kevin DeYoung.


Led by Howard Bennett and James Henrich

oin James and Howard as they teach through the book of Jonah as seen through the eyes of Charles Spurgeon. They will take a look at eleven of Spurgeon’s sermons on Jonah. The aim is to gain some practical insights and to see how this short book is helpful for us as we seek to honor Christ with our lives today.

Living Right in a World Gone Wrong

Led by Paul Hamline and Mike Meadors

The world’s system is rapidly spiraling down into an abyss of degrading passions and hearts being given over to impurity. Values and morals are being compromised even within some churches. This course is designed to help Christians to be equipped to walk rightly in a world gone wrong. You are invited to come join us in Joined Heirs in the Activity Center each Sunday morning this summer.

Read the Bible for Life

The objectives of this class are to appreciate, be awed, and understand biblical principles and themes as we read the entire Bible. After the introduction classes, the class discussion will focus on the reading over the past week and fellowship around the Scripture. This is a discussion class dependent on reading before class and along with introspection. After the class, it is expected that one could “thumb” through the Bible and relate the gospel story in a familiar, excited and sure manner. Required Books: Read the Bible for Life by George H. Guthrie Reader’s Guide to the Bible by George H. Guthrie

A Study of the Book of Daniel

Women's Class

This class consists of prayer time followed by a discussion of assigned verses directed by one of the leaders. We welcome women of all ages who are interested in prayer and Bible study.