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The official mobile app of the BBFI (Baptist Bible Fellowship International). Here you will be able to read the Baptist Bible Tribune along with several other helpful resources including ... Podcasts (the BBFI Leadership Podcast as well as audio from recent BBFI National Meetings, regional pastor conferences, etc.). Blogs (live stream from www.bbfiblog.org as well as others). Sermons (listen to sermons from today's BBFI pastors as well as BBFI pastors of the past). You will also be able to see a schedule of upcoming national and state meetings. Share all the content with friends via Facebook, Twitter, or email. For more information about the BBFI or the Baptist Bible Tribune, please visit: www.bbfi.org or www.tribune.org This app is maintained by the Communication Office of the BBFI. The BBFI App was created with the Subsplash App Platform.