Daily Devotionals

Do You have a Difficult Time Fitting In?

Curt Harlow • April 20, 2021

Do you have a difficult time fitting in? In today's devo, Pastor Curt Harlow teaches us from Mark 2:14 and challenges us with a question, who do we need to make feel welcomed?

How to Give Control to God

Chad Veach • April 19, 2021

In today's devo, we listen and learn from Chad and Julia Veach as they answer the question, "How do you actually put your hopes, dreams, and lives in the hands of God?

The Smartest Kid in the Class

Curt Harlow • April 15, 2021

John the Baptist was an interesting character in the first chapter of Mark. He knew who Jesus was and what that meant before anyone else! Tune in for today's devo as Pastor Curt Harlow answers the question, what did John The Baptist know that I should know?

Stop and Pray

Brannon Shortt • April 15, 2021

In today's devo, Pastor Brannon Shortt teaches from Mark 1:35-38 and shares with us the importance of praying and being with God.

Community Will Pack A Punch

James Powell • April 14, 2021

In today's devo, Pastor James Powell shares with us from Mark 2:4 and how we should have people around us who will go to extremes for us and how we also need to be that friend

Do You have Moral Credibility?

Curt Harlow • April 13, 2021

In today's devo, Pastor Curt Harlow teaches us from Mark 1:4-6 about a man named John the Baptist, and he answers the question, why did John have such powerful moral credibility?

God's Plan

Curt Harlow • April 12, 2021

Guess what! There is no emergency meeting in heaven right now for your life. God has everything under control. Find out more about what God's Plan is for your life in today's devo from Pastor Curt Harlow

Faith for Our Community

Dena Davidson • April 9, 2021

In today's devo, Dena Davidson teaches us from Romans 1:13 and explains how in evangelism, we need to take the initiative rather than put all the pressure on God.

What is Joy?

Jason Caine • April 8, 2021

In today's devo, Pastor Jason Caine explains what joy is and how joy comes from obedience to God.

Rising to the Occasion

Michael Metcalf • April 7, 2021

In today's devo, Pastor Michael Metcalf teaches us with a passage from Luke and gives us some encouragement when dealing with the stress of rising to the occasion

Your Never to Far Gone

Taylor, Corbin, Charmaine • April 6, 2021

In today's Devo, Taylor, Corbin, Charmaine share with us a little bit about the song There is a Hope

There Is A Hope - New Song

Corbin, Taylor and Charmaine • April 5, 2021

We have a special worship edition of the Devo this morning! It's a live recording of our very own Thrive Worship singing their brand new song, "There is a Hope."

Three Sacrifices of Christ!

Curt Harlow • April 2, 2021

In today's Devo, Pastor Curt Harlow talks about the three things that christ had sacrificed, so that we might be forgiven.

Face Challenges by Facing Eternity

Michael Metcalf • April 1, 2021

In today's Devo, Pastor Michael Metcalf shares with us how Jesus faced his challenges by looking forward at eternity

Reach Your Community

Ray Johnston • March 31, 2021

In today's devo, Pastor Ray shares a heartfelt invitation to Easter and a touching story about Luis Palau.