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To our Bayside Community...

March 13, 2020 • Ray Johnston

Dear Bayside Family, As I’ve written, you have been faithful to come to us for the past 25 years, and now we are coming to you. The first weekend, as we live-streamed services from all of our campuses, over 40,000 of you joined us for worship. People tell us, “I need hope…I need encouragement…I need GOD now more than ever.” Then the No. 1 question is, “How do I get connected to Bayside’s online services?” There are three ways: 1. The Bayside app on your phone or on your Apple TV or Roku 2. The Bayside website: www.baysideonline.com 3. Live-streaming on Facebook Please invite your friends and family to join us for weekend services and for other online opportunities we’ll be rolling out, as we try to use this period of retrenchment to further our commitment to strengthening relationships with God, teaching His word and showing the compassion of Jesus in our region and around the world. Now, those you invite don’t even have to get dressed and come to one of our campuses. Their excuse is gone! In addition, please continue to focus on three things: 1. Pray… We have a section on the Bayside app where you can submit prayer requests. Please let us know how we can pray for you. 2. Unleash Compassion… We’ve developed plans to continue to unleash compassion in our community for the elderly, the homeless, and others at high risk, as well as for our medical professionals, first responders, and their families, who are on the front line in dealing with this pandemic. Stay tuned for ways you can get involved and help. 3. Give… Church is a team sport. I’ve always loved the spirit at Bayside that any “individual” accomplishment is a team accomplishment. There’s nothing we — your pastors and staff — can accomplish in what God calls us to do without all of us in the church doing our part. You’re the most encouraging, serving, caring, giving church that a staff could ever ask for! We encourage you to continue to trust God and give so we can reach even more people with God’s compassion during this trying time, when so many need and will be open to the love of God. 4 Ways to Give 1. Go online (baysideonline.com) 2. Use the Bayside app 3. Text GIVE to 56316 4. Mail a check to P.O. Box 2336, Granite Bay, CA. 95746 Finally, we ask that you stay connected through the Bayside app and website to get regular updates, to sign up for ways to serve, and to join us in praying for those affected by the virus, including our health care professionals and first responders and families. We will try our best to serve you and our community. Prayers, care, and love to all, Pastor Ray Johnson

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