Saturday | Silent

Let's pause and reflect on what God chose to do for us. Rest in the assurance that God is moving even when we don't hear Him. It's Silent Saturday, but we know He lives.

Friday | Torn

Kevin Barra • Matthew 27:45–54

On Friday, the dividing barrier between humanity and God is torn apart by the tearing of the God-man Jesus Christ.

Thursday | The Lamb

Cole Ellerbrock • John 1:29–36

On Thursday, Jesus, the Lamb of God, has sacrificed Himself for the sins of all, once and for all. His bloodshed leads to our complete forgiveness.

Wednesday | Betrayed

Ikki Soma • Psalm 55

On Wednesday, Jesus experienced betrayal and so will His followers. We must trust God even after being betrayed. We forgive. We trust.

Tuesday | Troubled

Joel Davis • John 12:20–36

Jesus knows that the Father will bring new life out of what seems like death. And although He experiences real fear in that, He entrusts it to His Father and finds peace.

Monday | Cursed & Cleansed

Jonny Marks • Mark 11:15–19

On Monday, Jesus needed to put His house in order. As His followers, we are His house, and our inward relationship with Him is much more important than our outward religiosity.

Sunday | Worship