Blake & Mackenzie Witchtowski

Episode 1

Blake Witchtowski, Mackenzie Witchtowski

He Does Not Miss Any Detail

Viviana Bonner, Sofia Bonner, George Terry

You will not want to miss this episode of Missional Movement, as mother and daughter Vivy and Sofia Bonner share their journey to Christ and their recent trip to Ecuador. God used Sofia’s persistence to get her mother’s attention to join the trip, and Vivy did not regret her decision. Vivy and Sofia have a vibrant and engaging love for Christ that is unusually infectious to those around, which comes through in this interview in English, with some Spanish sprinkled in at the end!

Bring the Hope

Laura Higginbotham , George Terry

In this episode, we invite you to join us for an enlightening conversation with Laura Higginbotham, a dedicated missionary with a profound love for Moldova. Step into Laura's captivating narrative as she shares her journey from her upbringing in Illinois to her transformative experiences in Brazil and beyond. With heartfelt sincerity, Laura illuminates her path to leading missionary teams in Moldova, revealing the profound connection between faith, service, and personal growth.

I Called You To This

George Terry, Sandra Le

Sandra Le engages in a compelling conversation with Pastor George Terry, delving into the profound story of how God called her to missions from a young age and tracing the unique path He has guided her on.