The Promise

November 27 - December 25, 2022

Join us each Sunday starting November 27 as we learn about the greatest Promise ever fulfilled. A promise is an assurance that a certain thing will come to pass. People make promises they can’t always keep, but God is different. When He makes a promise, we can be confident that He will fulfill it. The Bible is full of God’s promises, including the promise of a Savior. This Christmas, we'll share the stories of four people in the Bible who were the first to see the promise of a Savior fulfilled! • 11/27 - Simeon: Hope for a Savior • 12/4 - The Shepherds: Peace on Earth • 12/11 - Zechariah: The Joy of Preparation • 12/18 - Mary: God’s Great Love • 12/25 - Jesus Fulfills God's Promises On Christmas Day, we'll have a one-hour family candlelight service complete with Christmas carols, powerful worship, and a relevant Bible message to conclude our Christmas series and celebrate the Promise fulfilled. ______ Sundays 10:00 AM Coffee + Donuts 10:30 AM Worship Experience + Bay Area Kids 11:00 AM Elevate Teens (12/4 + 12/11) *Childcare provided for each service