#87 Bisexuality

May 15, 2017

Natalie Pagan shares her story of being a Christian — somewhat of a conservative one at that — and bisexual. She’s married to a dude so there’s so many questions to explore. And we did just that. Does she long to be with women, her opinion on why she’s bisexual, whether she can fellowship with Christians that aren’t LGBTQ affirming and much more. Find her on instagram @Natpag16pt2

#127 Songs From My Friends (Robbie Madison):

March 5, 2018

I like sharing songs from my friends. “Sometimes I Forget” can be found on Apple Music and Spotify. Visit RobbieMadison.com for more info on Robbie. PWNA theme and background music brought to you by DanKoch.net

#126 ASK JACK: The Shack and Pastor Queen

March 5, 2018

Starting a new Q & A segment, hosted by my good friend, Jack Hoey (the lesser). Want all your theological questions answered? He’s got you covered, unlike the pastor with NO answers. Today (and only this time) Joey asks Jack all the questions. Recently The BadChristian Podcast had two guests whom many would label heretics. They both have some non-traditional views on salvation, the after-life, Jesus’ divinity and penal substitution. Our ‘ol friend Jack tells us what he thinks. Doubting Benefit: myspace.com/doubtingbenefit All theme and background music: dankoch.net/ Want to ask Jack a question? jackthelesser@gmail.com

#125 BC House Church

February 26, 2018

Tune in to get caught up with BadChristian’s endeavors to take over the world. For those of you near Seattle WA or Tampa FL, e-mail some friends of ours to hang. Maple Valley, WA: tsethstudley@gmail.com Tampa, FL: ajmestre@yahoo.com