Advent Lectio Divina - Week 2

December 12, 2018

Week 2 Advent Lectio Divina meditation. Content derived from Jan Johnson's advent devotion book "Taste & See". Read by Denise Dynes.

The Spirit

May 15, 2019 • Micah Bentley, Gavin Linderman, George Trifanoff

Talking Life & Missions W/ Nick Allen

May 8, 2019 • Micah Bentley

Micah spent a few minutes talking with our friend Nick. He spent 5 years as a missionary in Japan before he came to be a part of our Axiom Church family and is an all around awesome guy!

Celebration & Christian Liberties

April 30, 2019 • Gavin Linderman, Micah Bentley

We talk about this season we find ourselves in at Axiom, a little update on Wild Earth, and address some recent questions about "christian liberties".