Episode 8

Jordan Boyce

This week on the podcast is pt. 2 of Jordan Boyce’s message at Awakening Conference 2016 titled, “A New Era”. If you haven’t heard pt. 1, be sure to listen to it on Ep. 7.

Episode 9

Peter Toggs & Jordan Boyce

This week on Awakening Podcast, we talk with Peter Toggs from Hillsong Y&F about his heart for youth ministry. After that, Jordan Boyce shares Awakening’s “5 Keys To Leading A Successful Small Group”.

Episode 7

Jordan Boyce & Awakening Worship

On this episode of the podcast, we close out 2016 with some of our favorite memories from this year. Awakening Worship plays “Revival”, a song from their most recent EP, and Jordan Boyce preaches pt. 1 of a sermon titled “A New Era”. For more resources from Awakening, visit www.awakeningconference.com.

Episode 6

Chad Veach & Jordan Boyce

This week, Jordan Boyce talks about Awakening’s small groups, explaining how we do them and why we do them. Then he sits down with Chad Veach and talks about youth ministry and discipleship.