October 2021 | SERIES: Assorted Speakers


November 24, 2021

In this encouraging and empowering message, Ps. Katy shares how God prepares a table for us, and it is the very thing that allows us to prepare a table for others.

You Are The Answer

November 24, 2021

Don't miss out on this power-packed message as Ps. Samuel Deuth shares compelling truths from the story of Daniel.

Growth through Gratitude

November 24, 2021

In this message, Jared VanTassel discusses the most important factor that has accelerated his growth: gratitude. He explains that throughout the last 10 years of his life (7 at Awaken), he has noticed significant growth in many areas, and the role that thankfulness has played in that growth.

Speak Lord, I Am Listening

November 21, 2021

If you put in the effort and disciple to access God, we will start seeing breakthrough in our lives. In this powerful message, Ps. Lance shares key points on how to know His voice and hear His voice.

There is More

November 17, 2021

Living a Christian life is such a blessing. Knowing that our sins are forgiven and eternal life is promised through Jesus brings peace and comfort. But is there more? There is! Hungering for more of the Lord brings us in closer relationship with Him, as well as helps position us, and activate us, to see the miraculous in the world around us. Don't miss out on this life-changing message by church leader Stan Baker!

The Land of Common

November 17, 2021

No one wakes up and thinks "I want to live an ordinary life" yet, sometimes we find ourselves there. In this compelling message, Ps. Marissa shares keys from the life of King David on how to life an extraordinary life; a life of adventure, the life God intended for you to live.

It's A Wonderful Life (Balboa)

November 14, 2021

Let's not let life happen to us, but instead prepare for it. Ps. Stacy help to enter into this holiday season ready for family, friends and new friends. Learn an Awaken way of life that leads to a wonderful life!

Turn It Around

November 14, 2021

In this powerful message, Ps. Matt Hubbard clarifies the distinction between the "Logos" and "Rhema" word of God. He shares how God always turns what the enemy meant for destruction into HIS GLORY (Romans 8:28).

Process of Progress & Pain

November 14, 2021

That upward call requires us to chose a GRATEFUL perspective when the PAINS of PROGRESS appear to outweigh the benefits of it. LIFE inevitably includes elements of pain. Processing Pain properly positions us to PROGRESS beyond ceilings, blindspots and limitations that tempt us to turn back to the comforts of where we have always been. In this compelling message, Ps. Colin explains how only those who surrender to the pain of process will PROGRESS into the gold that is on the other side.

Dear Dad...

November 10, 2021

Most of us don’t know how good we have things until it’s gone. But if we had a chance to look back, what would be grateful for? And how is gratitude for what He has done give us hope for tomorrow? Don't miss out on this compelling message from Ps. Mike Finn!

The Woes of an Ungrateful Heart (and What to do About It)

November 10, 2021

In this eye-opening message, Ps. Tom unpacks how ungratefulness leads to destruction and what to do about it. Gratitude opens doors that position, title, influence, and money can’t!

Make A Move

November 7, 2021

God has great plans for your life! In this power-packed message, Jeff Rutkowski teaches us how to tap into those plans to turn them into reality.

It's A Wonderful Life (Eastlake)

November 7, 2021

Ever wonder why our church and community is so wonderful? Similar to the early church in the book of Acts, Awaken has been modeled, designed and created with intentionality that helps us to experience the wonderful life God intended for us. In a world that seems to go mad, Ps. Stacy shares on how we can live and experience a wonderful life.

Honor’s Home

November 3, 2021

The definition of HONOR is to put things in their rightful place. Don't miss out on the compelling message on HONOR as Ps. Sterling unpacks how HONOR is the language of Heaven, and practical ways to honor the spiritual authorities, parental authorities and governmental authorities in our lives.


November 3, 2021

In this power-packed message, LeeAnn Yarbor shares her testimony of God's transforming power to break the bondage of addiction and alcoholism.