Vision Sunday

January 2022 | SERIES: Assorted Speakers

Al & Val Grey Panel

January 5, 2022

Don't miss out on this powerful panel as Ps. Leanne interviews her parents, Al and Val Grey, on a wide variety of topics including marriage, family, raising children and faith.

It’s Time to Take Territory

January 5, 2022

God wants to give you a vision to take new ground in 2022. It’s time to operate in a territory-taking anointing and occupy the land and that God is giving you. This powerful message will help you to break free of the curse that keeps you wandering and posses the promised land by faith.

This is a God Dream

January 5, 2022

This uplifting message by Ps. Sterling Pyle will equip you to live out the dreams that God has put on the inside of you!

Instructions for Taking Territory

January 5, 2022

Joshua has led the Israelites across the Jordan and comes to the first obstacle, Jericho - it’s an impregnable, ominous fortress. A tribute to man’s finest engineering and construction, yet God says don’t even look at it’s fortification, but rather SEE I have given it into your hand! This message by Ps. Jurgen will empower you in faith as we go into 2022.

New Year - Same God!

January 2, 2022

It's a New Year with new challenges and new victories that await. But, you don't have to be afraid or timid because while it's a new year, you're still serving the SAME GOD! He's the same God of strength and peace that He has always been and will be in your world this year!

Original Intent

January 2, 2022

On this Vision Sunday, Ps. Matt Tuggle discusses how Jesus returns us to His original intent - to be fruitful, subdue and take dominion. This message will empower you to live out God's original intent for us, helping us dream big for 2022!

Break the Wishbone

January 2, 2022

God is asking us to see big, be big and go big for HIS KINGDOM. In this empowering message, Ps. Matt helps to shed away limiting beliefs so we can unlock all that God has planned for us.


January 2, 2022

Sometimes God wants us to go blind to our own vision so He can give us sight for His vision. In this powerful message, Ps. Jon discusses three ways to get a God Vision for your life.

Project Possible

January 2, 2022

Vision is intertwined with experiencing who God is. This Vision Sunday message will help break down limiting mindsets that prevent us from knowing our Creator in new ways.