Covid-19, the Vaccine, & Masks - What does the Science Say?

Dr. Simone Gold // Board-Certified Emergency Physician

February 17, 2021 • Dr. Simone Gold

In this insightful discussion and Q&A panel, MD, JD, FABEM, and board certified emergency physician Dr. Simone Gold reveals eye-opening, science-based information regarding Covid-19, the vaccine and masks. She explains how the evangelical church is the great last hope for mankind!

Defy the Odds (Balboa)

Rex Crain // Motivational Speaker • May 12, 2021 • Rex Crain

This empowering message by Rex Crain is filled with gold nuggets as he explains the power and importance of defying the odds that are stacked against us and stepping into the future and destiny that God has for us!

Defy the Odds (Eastlake)

Rex Crain // Motivational Speaker • May 5, 2021 • Rex Crain

This message by guest speaker Rex Crain will challenge you to believe for the impossible and "defy the odds" of what God is able to do in your life!

How to Make Today the Day

Ps. Keith Craft // Lead Pastor at Elevate Life Church • May 2, 2021 • Ps. Keith Craft

In this eye-opening message, Ps. Keith Craft gives us powerful tools on how to WIN the day!