The Collision of Humanity and Divinity

It's The Fullness of Time Time

2019 Christmas Series

It Stinks Being Our God...

James Week 8

A Simple Message...

James Week 7

Only You Can Prevent Forest Fires

James Week 6

The Problem With Partiality

James Week 5

If We’re Going To Do Religion, We Might As Well Do It Right

Week 4

The Truth That Defines Us

James Week 3

A Little Rapid Fire Teaching

James Week 2

Starting Off With A Punch To The Face

James Week 1

LGLO Week 5

LGLO Week 4

Step 4 To LGLO

LGLO Week 3

Step 3 To LGLO

LGLO Week 2

Step 2

Love God Love Others Week 1

Step 1

Jonah 4

What Happens When Human Pride Meets Divine Sovereignty

Jonah 3

Recognizing The Signs Of Apathy

Jonah 2

Facing Fear In Faith

Jonah 1

What Hurt People Do

Hebrews 10

Ephesians 4