The vision for G2X is to equip people for athletic discipleship ministry. We want to make it as easy as possible for athletes to disciple athletes! This is a tool to help coaches, athletes, volunteers, and spiritual leaders to train multiplying disciples. The values for G2X are: 1) Biblically Rooted - We didn’t want this curriculum to simply be based on the Bible, we wanted a curriculum that was thoroughly rooted in the Word of God. Each lesson spends time in a particular passage, asks questions about that passage, and then applies the passage to a person’s life. We also wanted to challenge a person to memorize key Scripture passages for each topic. 2) Interactive - Our goal was to make each lesson conversational and interactive. Many resources we were familiar with were designed with mostly one-way communication. G2X is designed for almost entirely two-way communication with a question format. The question format was designed for people to interact over the text and application and thereby to encourage a relationship within the discipleship process. 3) Transferrable - Our hope was to create the curriculum in such a way that it could be immediately used by someone who has been through it. 4) Missional - We wanted this tool to reflect the DNA of a gospel-centered ministry, seeking to win others to Christ, build them in their faith and send them out to impact others.