Psalm 23:4

Arrowhead Morristown

December 16, 2018 • Brett Moore

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Psalm 23:2

Arrowhead Morristown • December 2, 2018 • Brett Moore

One of the most familiar Bible passages, Psalm 23, may seem like a strange choice for Christmas. And yet, like the trailer for a blockbuster movie, Psalm 23 teases the arrival of something big: the story of Jesus. In this passage, we see our need for Jesus to save us and the lengths He will go to do what only He can. Psalm 23 uses the imagery of a sheep and a shepherd to illustrate the care of God for his people. It’s because of His love that Jesus came as a baby; it’s because of His love that we celebrate Christmas. Over the next few weeks, we’ll view Christmas through the lens of Psalm 23 on Sunday mornings.