The Big Picture

The Big Picture - Part 1

April 3, 2022 • Devin Leichner

Too many people base their beliefs and doctrine upon a few pieces from the Bible, but do not fully know the big picture. We must know Gods plan from beginning to end in order to understand the Bible. In this seven part series Lead Pastor Devin Leichner will take us through the Bible from Genesis to Revelation shining a light on the big picture of God's plan. We will see how God is on purpose and right on time with where we are in the plan.

The Big Picture - Part 2

April 10, 2022 • Devin Leichner

This series shows us a clear picture of the Word of God by revealing what God has done and is now doing. In part two we will study the three promises made to Abraham as well as the origin of the redemption of mankind back to God.

The Big Picture - Part 3

April 17, 2022 • Devin Leichner

In this segment we will learn how the story of the cross originates out of Genesis 22 with Abraham’s obedience and faith.

The Big Picture - Part 4

May 9, 2022 • Devin Leichner

In part 4 of this series we will continue our journey through the bible from cover to cover to see what God has done, and what God is currently doing. We will also reveal how God gave Moses and the children of Israel three “Never Lessons” that still apply to us today.

The Big Picture - Part 5

May 15, 2022 • Devin Leichner

Pastor Devin will explain for us the gap between the holiness of God and the unholiness of man. By detailing the Tabernacle in the Old Testament we will be able to see a clear picture of how the sacrificial system was vital in bridging the gap between holy and unholy.

The Big Picture - Part 6

May 22, 2022 • Devin Leichner

In part six of our series Pastor Devin teaches on how God made a way for us to be holy through the work of Christ. Jesus provides a way to holiness in the shadow of the sacrificial system of the Tabernacle and Temple. Join us for this important part of our series that will help open your eyes to the story of Jesus and redemption.

The Big Picture - Part 7

June 12, 2022 • Devin Leichner

The Big Picture - Part 8

June 26, 2022 • Devin Leichner

In this installment of our series we will take a close look at the Apocalypse and the end times.

The Big Picture - Part 9

July 10, 2022 • Devin Leichner

Join us for the final installment of our series The Big Picture - Part 9. In this message we will review the Bible from cover to cover and test your knowledge throughout scripture. This will be an unforgettable message!