Gospel, Family, Mission


When Jesus Gathers Us • January 3, 2021 • Michael McCracken

As we break down Ephesians we see the plan of God not only to make peace with men through the blood of Jesus but to also make peace among men through the blood of Jesus. Through the gospel of Jesus we are family and as the household of God we take the glory of God to the ends of the earth.


When We Gather Around Jesus • January 10, 2021 • Michael McCracken

That the word of Christ would dwell in us richly is central to our faith. It is important, however, for us to realize that this is something that was meant to happen in the context of family for the purpose of worship.


When We Take Jesus To One Another • January 17, 2021 • Michael McCracken

To be a part of the Family of God is not to lose our personal identity. In fact, it is because we will be individually held responsible for all that we say and do we need the Family. In the Spirit-filled Family of God we are compelled towards courageous obedience and mission. For this reason, the Family of God needs us.