Make Ready

Christmas 2020

Make Ready Our Tent

Proverbs 14:9-14 • December 6, 2020 • Michael McCracken

We will look at the wisdom of God through the lens of the gospel and apply it to our relationships, especially those closest to us.

Make Ready Our Money

Proverbs 3:1-12 • December 13, 2020 • Jon Paul Dennison

God revealed wisdom to his people to make them ready for the Christ who would be its embodiment. Only through the gospel will the obedience of faith be brought about so that we can enjoy the fruits of a life lived trusting in the Lord.

Make Ready The Truth

Proverbs 12:9-20 • December 20, 2020 • Jon Paul Dennison

As we celebrate the coming of Jesus, we are grateful to serve a God who didn't make us choose between truth and himself. May God set us free by the truth of His Word to celebrate the true wonder of his arrival.

Make Ready Our Plans

Proverbs 16:1-9 • December 27, 2020 • Michael McCracken

The sovereignty of God was not meant to squelch the plans of men. To consider the sovereignty of God frees us to count great costs and hope for big things and ultimately find rest.