In The Beginning

Was The Word

The Fall Of Man For The Glory Of God

December 1, 2013 • Michael McCracken

Study Questions: 1. What do we learn about God from this text? 2. What do we learn about man from this text? 3. What are some specific areas of our life here and now that make “the fall” feel like a reality? 4. How do we, as followers of Christ, redeem the relationship that God speaks of in verses 16b and 17a? Additional Scripture References: Psalm 108

There Is A Way That Seems Right To Man...

November 24, 2013 • Michael McCracken

Study Questions: 1. Why did satan go to the woman and not the man? 2. What is one practical thing you can look out for in the way of satan’s temptation in your own life? 3. What tools has God given us to combat satan? How, as a small group, can you implement them? 4. Why is there a correlation between their eyes having been opened and their realization of their nakedness? Additional Scripture References: John 8:44; Job 2:10; 2 Corinthians 11:14; Psalm 1:2; Proverbs 14:12

True Rest

November 17, 2013 • Michael McCracken

Study Questions: 1. What defines rest? What can we learn from God’s creation example with regards to rest? 2. Read and meditate on Matthew 12:1-14 and Mark 2:27. How does Jesus’ view of “Sabbath” help us in our pursuit of rest? 3. What kind of rest is the writer of Hebrews speaking of in Hebrews 4:9-10? Is it different than the rest we strive for in Hebrews 4:11? 4. From a practical standpoint, what should “sabbath” look like for us on a weekly basis? Additional Scripture References: Ecclesiastes 3:14; Revelation 1:8; Hebrews 12:2; Exodus 31:17; Hebrews 1:3; 2 Chronicles 36:21; Exodus 31:14; Numbers 15:32-36; Exodus 31:15,17; Acts 17:26; Leviticus 23:3; Exodus 23:12; 31:17; Matthew 12; Mark 2; Leviticus 26:34-35; Leviticus 16:31; 23:32; Hebrews 4:9-10

Man Is The Apex Of God's Creation

Primarily Because We Have The Greatest Ability To Display God's Glory • November 10, 2013 • Michael McCracken

Study Questions: 1. What does it mean that God made man in His image? Are we still in His image? 2. What attributes of God do we learn from chapter 2? 3. Why would God put something in the garden of “pleasure” (Eden) that man could not freely have? (The tree of the knowledge of good and evil) 4. Does your small group have someone (family or individual) either inside or outside the church to bless/minister to this holiday season?

God Created All Things

In Such A Way As To Present Himself...To Reveal Himself • November 3, 2013 • Michael McCracken

Study Questions: 1. What attributes of God do we get from verses 1-25? 2. What does it mean when God sees His creation as good / very good? 3. What has God done in your life to show that He is a creator? In other words, what has God done in your life that makes the Bible’s version of creation believable for you? 4. What implications and/or applications come to mind with the fact that God created light before He created the sun and the moon and starts? Additional Scripture References: Psalm 90:1-2; Acts 17:25; Matthew 10:29-30; Isaiah 44:24; Isaiah 46:8-11; Lamentations 3:37: Isaiah 45:7; Amos 3:6; Daniel 2:21; Proverbs 16:1, 4, 9, 33; 19:21; Colossians 1:16; Genesis 50:20; 1 Corinthians 1:20; Habakkuk 2:14

Before The Beginning

Scripture Tells Us That There Was Something Already In The Works • October 27, 2013 • Michael McCracken

Study Questions: 1. What is the connection between the worshippers of the beast and the “book of life”? 2. How does the “book of life” give understanding to God’s purpose for creating the universe?…for creating man? Additional Scripture References: Revelation 14:9-11; Revelation 5:5-6; Colossians 1:16; Ephesians 1:11-12; Hebrews 2:9; 1 Timothy 2:6; John 3:16; John 11:50-52; John 6:37-39; John 17:9; Ephesians 5:25; 1 Corinthians 6:19-20; Acts 20:28; 1 Corinthians 11:26