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El Heraldo Apostolico 2019

The Apostolic Herald 2019

History in the Making

Symposium - Special Edition 2016 / English

March 31, 2016

In this issue: As The Palm of a Hand, The WORD 2015 Ministerial Symposium , Extraordinary! NEXT, Growth Church Planters Conference, Never "Too Great"

Simposio - Edición Especial 2015 / Español

March 31, 2016

En este edición: Como La Plama de Una Mano, "La Palabra" Simposio Ministerial 2015, ¡Extraordinario! NEXT, Conferencia Para Palatadores de Iglesias Growth, Nunca "Demasiado Grande"

United in Conseration - Summer 2015 / English

July 1, 2015

In this Issue: A Clear Vision, Know Your General Board, Thy Kingdom Come, Special Projects: The Word, Ministerial Symposium 2015

Unidos En La Consagración - Verano 2015 / Español

July 1, 2015

En este edición: Una Visión Clara, Conozca a su Mesa General, Venga Tu Reino, Provectos Especiales "La Palabra" Simposio Ministerial y Conferencias Generales 2015

They Keep Watch Over Our Souls - Spring 2014 / English

March 31, 2014

In this Issue: Honor & Love Your Pastor, A Model of An Apostolic Pastor, The Good Fight, Agrypneo, Panama: 54 Years on Fire!. 2013 Ministerial Convention, 2013 "One" Mop Convention

Ellos Guidan De Nosotros Sin Descanso - Primavera 2014 / Español

March 31, 2014

En este edición: Honra y Ama A Tu Pastor, Un Modelo de Pastor Apostólico, La Buena Batalla, Agrypneo, Panama: ¡54 Años En Fuego!, Convención Legislativa 2013, Conferencia Nacional Juvenil 2013

Apostolic Making History - Winter 2013 / English

November 1, 2013

In this Issue: Highlights From the Apostolic Symposium, COST, Bernardo Hernandez - The Second General Pastor of the Apostolic Assembly, Head Covering in the Modern Times, The Church of 2033, International School of Bishops, Presidents and Missionaries

100 Years of Apostolic Theology - Special Edition 2013 / English

June 5, 2013

In this Issue: From Arroya Seco To San Pedro, 1913-2013, You Are the Apostolic Assembly, This is How the Missionary Work Began, Homes, Our Strategy from the Beginning

A New Apostolic Dawn - Summer 2011 / English

July 1, 2011

In this Issue: Message from the President, Until the Whole World Hears, The Life of Alfred Rodriguez, The Effect of Social Media in the Church