Essentials of Salvation

Understanding some of the Basics of Salvation

There Is A God

Bishop Bob Sharp

Lesson #1 of "Essentials of Salvation" series- teaching giving you nuggets from a recent booklet by Bob Sharp. A simple, easy to understand format about the basics of salvation with scripture references.

I'm A Believer

Bishop Bob Sharp

Lesson 2- I Am A Believer, helps you to understand that you have faith and you can find more faith in the Word of God.

What Do I Do Now

Bishop Bob Sharp

Lesson 3- "What Do I Do Now?" Repentance. A daily renewing and changing of your mind to seek after the mind of Christ.

Baptism in Water

Bishop Bob Sharp

Lesson 4, Baptism -learn the what, how, why and who's name we need to use.

Holy Spirit

Bishop Bob Sharp

Lesson 5, the Holy Spirit is for everyone that wants it. It is essential step in your walk with God. Drawing you closer to Him. Daily we must be filled.