The Silencing of God

Withering Roots

Dave Miller

Session #1 of "The Silencing of God" seminar introduces the sinister attempt to expunge manifestations of God, Christ, and the Bible from American life--in direct and stark contradiction to the original intentions of the Founders and Framers.

Political Documents

Dave Miller

Session #2 of this seminar presents multiple political utterances from the Founding Fathers that verify America's religious heritage. The historical evidence is voluminous and decisive: the Founders of the American Republic intended the political institutions that they established to be based upon and rooted in the moral principles of the Christian religion.

National Architecture

Dave Miller

Session #3 demonstrates America's religious heritage as manifested on our money, and our national memorials and monuments. The evidence for the nation's original attachment to God is decisive and breathtaking.

Public Education

Dave Miller

Session #4 of this seminar demonstrates how public education in America from the Founding era up until World War II was laced with Bible morality and Christian content--now largely stripped from the school system.


Dave Miller

The final session of this seminar spotlights the two premiere moral issues confronting American civilization--issues that will inevitably elicit divine retribution and spell the demise of the Republic. Practical solutions are then offered in hopes of averting national disaster.