Creation and Evolution

Is God Important?

Kyle Butt

When we think about the big questions of life, the existence of God enters as the most important. What is the meaning of life? Where did we come from? What is our purpose? These questions are all affected by how we answer the question "Is God important?" Join Kyle Butt as he looks at the implications of denying God's importance and the implications of acknowledging His importance.

Darwin, Evolution, and Sexism

Kyle Butt

Does an evolutionary view impact one's perspective of men and women? Charles Darwin spoke on this very subject as he followed the implications of his theory. Join Kyle Butt as he looks at Darwin, the father of evolutionary theory, and his view of gender differences between men and women.

Can Science Test for God?

Kyle Butt

Science involves the search for the best explanations to our questions. When the questions involve universal issues of existence, function, and purpose, the scope of possible explanations must not be unduly limited. Join Kyle Butt as he discusses how God fits into the scientific process and our investigations.

A Scientific Approach to God

Kyle Butt

What would it take for you to believe in God? If you do not believe that God exists, what would you need to see? It is common to take a scientific approach when studying the unknown, but can you take a scientific approach to God? Join Kyle Butt as he discusses what it would mean to take a scientific approach to the question of God's existence.