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Is There a God?

Kyle Butt

The physical Universe is a massive effect that must have an adequate cause. The presence of physical laws as well as human morality are evidence of a Creator Who designed the material realm and we humans who reside within it.

How Big is God?

Branyon May

A.P. auxiliary scientist Branyon May holds a Ph.D. in Astrophysics. His years of in-depth study in matters pertaining to space and our vast Universe has led him to the rational conclusion that an infinite, eternal, omnipotent God exists.

What is God?

Kyle Butt

Over the millennia, humans have conjured up a host of alleged deities. Yet only one God exists and He is the God of the Bible. He is spirit--the perfect, ultimate Mind.

Where is God?

Kyle Butt

While the God of the Bible is in His spiritual realm of heaven, He is omnipresent and infinite.

Who Is God?

Kyle Butt

The one and only God is the God of the Bible. He is Spirit--a conscious mind. He is the Ultimate Mind that created all other minds. The human mind was created in His image. God desires to form a connection with the thinking human minds He created. In fact, He loves them.