Understanding Jesus

What Will Happen When Jesus Comes Again?

Kyle Butt

On numerous occasions throughout the last two thousand years, small groups of “faithful followers” have huddled on mountaintops or in secret rooms, waiting for the Second Coming of Christ as predicted to occur on a certain day, and at a certain time, by some religious leader. Yet, although the predictions of Christ’s return have been copious, each group of expectant “believers” has been disappointed to find that they had been misled. When will Christ return, and what will occur on this Earth when He does come back the second (and last) time?

Did Jesus Go to Hell for Three Days?

After Jesus died, He rose again 3 days later. Where was Jesus between His death and resurrection? Acts 2:27 indicate that Jesus’ soul was in hell, right? A closer look into these verses, however, reveals interesting information.

Did God Forsake Jesus?

Kyle Butt

What did Jesus mean when He cried that God had forsaken Him in Mark 15:34? Though many have speculations about Jesus’ lament, perhaps the best way for us to understand it is to go to the Old Testament and draw parallels from there.

Jesus' Prophecy of the Fall of Jerusalem

Kyle Butt

With meticulous detail, Jesus predicted the future destruction of Jerusalem. This event then transpired almost four decades after His ascension to Heaven. Not only does this prophecy verify Jesus' deity, but it adds another powerful evidence for the inspiration of the Bible. Join Kyle Butt as he looks at Jesus' prophecy and the historical account of Jerusalem's destruction.

Was Jesus a Vegetarian?

Kyle Butt

Is it true that Jesus was a vegetarian? You may have heard a statement like this before, but what does the Bible say? Join Kyle Butt as he answers this question from Scripture and how the answer to this question can help us understand how to follow Jesus' example.

Did Jesus Teach About Hell?

Kyle Butt

The Bible describes Jesus as the loving Savior of mankind. His persecuted life and sacrificial death were motivated by His love for us. If Jesus' love is so great, did He teach about hell? Join Kyle Butt as he addresses what the Bible says in regards to Jesus' teaching about hell, and how His love for mankind and the existence of hell can be reconciled.

Was Jesus Really Perfect?

Kyle Butt

While Jesus was on earth, He was God, but He was also human. Was it even possible for Him to commit sin? How could He be tempted and remain perfectly sinless?

Understanding the Trinity

Kyle Butt

What is meant by the word "Trinity"? Does it accurately describe God? Some contend that the idea is inconsistent with the Bible's description of God's nature. In this video, Kyle Butt as he looks to Scripture to help better understand God and His nature.

The Compassion of Christ

Kyle Butt

What does the term "compassion" mean? Is it merely a feeling of concern, or is it a feeling that demands action? In this short video, Kyle Butt looks to Jesus and the examples He has laid out to better understand what it means to be compassionate.

The Love of Jesus

Kyle Butt

What does the word "love" mean? We use this word reference toward a variety of things: candy, movies, family, or God. Surely we do not have the same depth of meaning in each case. What does it mean when the Bible says, "Jesus loves us"? Join Kyle Butt as he looks at the Bible's description of Jesus' love for mankind.