Why Jesus

Jesus: The Same Yesterday, Today, and Forever

Eric Lyons • Hebrews 13:8

In the book of Hebrews, the writer has given us a gold mine of motivation to lift up and serve Jesus as the Son of God. Yes, Jesus reigns supreme, and among other things, His unwavering, unchangeable nature and message are to be loved and lauded.

Was Jesus Offensive?

Eric Lyons

Jesus’ initial reaction to a Canaanite woman who cried out for mercy in Matthew 15 baffles many people. How could the all-loving Son of God respond to such a distressed mother in a seemingly callous manner? Was Jesus a mean Messiah, or is there more to this story than meets the eye?

Did Jesus Condone Lawbreaking?

Eric Lyons

How could Jesus defend his apostles plucking heads of grain on the Sabbath? According to the Pharisees, the disciples acted unlawfully, yet Jesus said they were guiltless. Was Jesus justifying lawbreaking, or were the Pharisees’ criticisms unjustified?

Was Jesus a Liar?

Eric Lyons

How could Jesus say in John 5:31, “If I bear witness of Myself, My witness is NOT true,” and then say in John 8:14, “Even if I bear witness of Myself, My witness IS true.” How are these not contradictory statements? Join Eric Lyons as he explains the perfect harmony of these two very different statements.

Was Jesus a Thief?

Eric Lyons

Some modern critics of Christ contend that Jesus commanded His disciples to steal a donkey and her colt before entering Jerusalem during the final week of His life. Can a legitimate case against the Christ be made, or is this just another trumped-up charge?

Who Exactly Was at the Tomb of Jesus?

Eric Lyons

Two of the main problems that many cite in the four accounts of the resurrection of Jesus have to do with the identity and number of women who went to the empty tomb of Jesus, as well as who they actually found there. Join Eric Lyons as he discusses these frequently asked questions.

If God Cannot Be Tempted, How Was Jesus?

Eric Lyons

If Jesus was tempted to sin, yet “God cannot be tempted by evil,” then how could Jesus be God? Is the Bible’s portrayal of Jesus contradictory? Join Eric Lyons as he answers this frequently asked question.

Are Christ and Christianity Unoriginal?

Eric Lyons

How can Christianity be “original” if stories that predate the time of Christ allude to gods who were born on December 25th, were called the Son of God, and were raised only a few days after their deaths? Join Eric Lyons as he addresses these criticisms of Jesus Christ and the religion He established 2,000 years ago.

Why Is Jesus' Resurrection Special?

Eric Lyons

Given all of the recorded resurrections in Scripture, what’s so important about Jesus’ resurrection? If others in the past have died to live again, what makes Jesus coming back from the dead so unique? Why is His resurrection more significant than any other?

The "Church of God" and the Deity of Christ

Eric Lyons

The Bible writers repeatedly refer to the New Testament Church as both God’s Church and Jesus’ Church. How can they be both? And what does this imply about the nature of Jesus and the names by which Christians should call themselves?

Is Jesus' Genealogy a Joke?

Eric Lyons

How could Jesus’ father, Joseph, be the son of both Jacob and Heli? Are Jesus’ genealogies in Matthew 1 and Luke 3 contradictory? Join Eric Lyons as he considers seven brief reasons why the genealogies of Jesus are perfectly consistent.

A Failed Messianic Prophecy?

Eric Lyons

How could Isaiah’s suffering servant, who “opened not his mouth,” be referring to Jesus? After all, Jesus opened His mouth and spoke a number of times during his trial and crucifixion. Is Isaiah 53 a failed Messianic prophecy? Join Eric Lyons as he looks at what the Bible says, in both the Old and New Testament, concerning these specific prophecies.

Did Jesus Deny His Deity?

Eric Lyons

Does Jesus admit not being God in Mark 10:18? Did He deny being perfectly moral as well as Divine? In truth, far from denying His goodness and Godhood in Mark 10, Jesus actually implies it.

Did Jesus Accept Worship?

Eric Lyons

Unlike good men and good angels who have always rejected worship from humanity, Jesus accepted worship. Jesus unhesitatingly received glory, honor, and praise from His creation. Such worship is one of the powerful proofs of His divine nature.

Was Jesus Powerless in His Hometown?

Eric Lyons

Why could Jesus “do no mighty work” in His hometown of Nazareth? Did He lack the power that an omnipotent God would have? Is the Bible’s portrayal of Jesus as a mighty miracle worker contradictory? Join Eric Lyons as he discusses the often questioned statement in Mark 6:5.