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AP Camp 2021 Snapshot

The AP staff and campers enjoyed a great week at Indian Creek Youth camp! We wanted to share a short video recapping part of the week.

If God Exists, Why Do We Suffer?

Eric Lyons

One of the most frequent questions that unbelievers ask about the God of the Bible is why He allows the existence of evil, pain, and suffering. Supposedly, such toleration by God either contradicts His omnipotence or His omnibenevolence. Is that really the case? Or, is there a logical and biblically consistent answer for the presence of all the evil, pain, and suffering?

5 Reasons Racism Is Ridiculous

Eric Lyons

The simple fact that God exists means morality exists, and mankind has a moral responsibility. Can Christians be racists and still be pleasing to God? Racism is contrary to God's love. Racism is contrary to God's desire for mankind to live peaceably together. Join Eric Lyons as he discusses how the Bible and God's existence teaches the removal of the sin of racism from our lives.

The Founders En Masse Advocated Christianity

Dave Miller

Most of the Founders embraced the Christian worldview. Most of them regarded Christianity as being necessary to the establishment and perpetuation of the Republic. Join Dave Miller as he offers proof for these claims.

Can You Prove the Christian Faith?

Dave Miller, Jeff Miller

Dr. Jeff and Dr. Dave appeared on the GBNLive TV program in February 2015, fielding questions from callers on the subject: "Can You Prove the Christian Faith?"

Scientific Evidence For Creation

Jeff Miller

Jeff Miller carefully yet quickly walks through evidence emphatically pointing towards a Creator for the Universe.

If I Were an Atheist

Eric Lyons

If there is no God, no life after death, and humans are merely higher evolved animals, then what is this life all about? Join Eric Lyons as he discusses what atheism looks like when taken to its logical conclusion.

One All-Encompassing Reason to Believe the Bible

Eric Lyons

What is the proof that the Bible is of supernatural origin? Why should an honest truth-seeker conclude that the Bible is the special revelation from the Creator of the universe? Many feel intimidated by these questions. Others are skeptical of the convoluted answers they have heard in the past. In truth, the whole matter can be boiled down to one simple, yet profound, reason.

What Does "Believe" Mean in John 3:16?

Eric Lyons

In the preliminary sense of the word, to “believe” in Jesus means to mentally acknowledge that He is the Son of God and man’s one and only Savior. A John 3:16-type of saving-faith certainly includes this sense of believing, but it also comprises much more—as John 3 and the Bible as a whole demonstrate. Join Eric Lyons as he discusses a biblical, God-approved, complete belief in Jesus

Evolution: Irrational & Unnatural

Jeff Miller

While many evolutionists and naturalists/atheists believe that Christians have a blind faith, in actuality, it is the naturalist who holds to a blind faith. Christianity is the option that follows from the scientific evidence.

Dinosaurs, the Bible, and History

Eric Lyons

Dinosaurs, Science, and Common Sense

Eric Lyons

Join Eric Lyons as he discusses Dinosaurs, Science, and Common Sense.

Scripture, Science, and the Age of the Earth

Eric Lyons

Does the Bible Contain Scientific Mistakes?

Eric Lyons