The Number One Reason People Misunderstand the Bible

Bible Inspiration & Interpretation

Kyle Butt

A quick look at the main reason many people misunderstand shows that the fault does not lie with the Bible or with God Who inspired it.

If Just a “Good Book,” It’s Not God’s Book

Eric Lyons

If the Bible is merely a “good book” (as many contend), then it is not God’s Book, for the Bible writers repeatedly claimed their words came from God, not men. In the end, there are only three logical options for the Bible’s origination.

Is the Bible True?

Kyle Butt

Did the Bible writers believe they were writing myths and fables? Or did they insist that Christianity depended on the historical facts they recorded? The answers to these questions make all the difference in the world.

Finding Nazareth

Kyle Butt

Sometimes skeptics make arrogant claims that they have disproven the Bible and Christianity. See how one minor archaeological discovery demolished such a claim and added even more weight to the Bible’s reliability.