What Happened in the Flood: The Nuts and Bolts


Jeff Miller

What does modern science indicate happened in the Flood of Noah, beyond what Scripture tells us? Does modern science support the biblical Flood?

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Design in the Universe Proves a Universe Designer

Jeff Miller

If a poem demands the existence of a poet, then design demands the existence of a designer. The Universe contains billions of examples of design, proving that the Universe had a Designer. One example: the eye.

Science Perspective and the Flood

Jeff Miller

What is science from a biblical perspective? What is the purpose of science according to the Bible? Do science and the Bible contradict each other?

Is Belief in Creation Science a Blind Faith?

Jeff Miller

Many claim that biblical faith is a blind, evidence-less belief. The Bible, however, does not support that view. On the contrary, the Bible claims that God has left immense amounts of evidence that will force a person to believe in Him if he will simply study the evidence without bias.