How to be Friends

The power of Jesus transformed enemies into friends and friends into an unstoppable movement. Come discover how you can use the simple act of friendship to change the world.

Long Expected Jesus

The plea of God’s people throughout history has been for God to intervene – to come down, fix what is broken, heal what is wounded, and make real what faith struggles to imagine. We want the same things these days, don’t we? What if we invited God to come again and opened up our lives to first

Christ the King

Sunday, Nov. 26, 2017

Rediscovering the Lost Art of Lament

We have forgotten how to lament. Our spiritual heritage is one that is rich with outward expressions of grief during times of loss, change, and personal experiences of wilderness. Lament is a form of prayer that begins in honesty and leads us to real hope. Without it, we miss a beautiful and fundame

Family Tree

We all come from somewhere, whether we like it or not. The Bible is the big story of God’s family tree. It is a story of triumph. It is a story of defeat. It airs our dirty laundry but celebrates the redemptive power of God. In the end, (and in the beginning) our place, our belonging, our family i

3 Simple Questions

At Apex United Methodist Church, we are a community steeped in a tradition of honoring our past while looking towards our future. Our collective memory becomes the wisdom through which we move forward in mission and vision together. Join us this September as we engage some of the most well-known sto

The Consecrated Life

Worship: The Work of the People

Worship is not a thing produced by an employed few to be consumed by an audience, but an individual and collective offering to God. Worship is “the work of the people” and when we offer ourselves to this holy work, it can be transformational.


The stories in Daniel are familiar to us. Stories like Daniel in the lions’ den, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego in the Fiery Furnace, and the mysterious handwriting on the wall. But did you know Daniel, as an exile in Babylon, served a narcissistic king in a time of political turmoil, and ultimat

Youth Worship Weekend

Tipping Points

Easter Morning is the “8th day,” the first day of the rest of history, the tipping point in the reign of evil, the moment when literally everything changes and the newly forming “church” is evidence of its power. Our lives are made up of these moments – they are hinge points in our journey

Wondrous Encounters

This Lent, as we take the 40 day journey to Easter, we would like to spend less time trying to explain God and more time learning to encounter God through scripture. Journey with us as we explore the God of the universe who has mysteriously chosen to be available to us—in our joy and grief, in our

James: Hearers and Doers of God's Word

John Wesley boldly declared his desire to be a man of one book and read the Bible, trusting it included all things necessary for salvation. But how do we read and understand the simple, yet complex Word of God? Join us in February as we use the book of James as a lens to studying the Word of God so

Too Busy to Be Present

We are busy. We know we need to focus on the things that really matter. Join us this January as we practice being present in our everyday lives.


Expecting Christmas

This Christmas season, we are getting back to the basics: Hope, Love, Peace, and Joy. In the midst of instability and uncertainty, we turn to the eternal faithfulness of God represented in light, which chaos and darkness cannot overcome.

Christ the King

Faith and Politics

Sermon Series: This election season, we want to change the conversation so that we might come to see Jesus in each other, even when we sit across the aisle from one another.


Sermon Series: Everything we have is a gift from God. Join us this October as we get back to the basics – returning to these words rooted deeply in the Old Testament and in the fabric of what it means to be people of God.

Welcome All. Love All. Serve All.

With God’s help we are becoming a diverse, multi-generational community so unified by our love for God and one another that others are drawn to become Christ followers. Join us for this sermon series where we talk about our values and what defines us as followers of Christ.

Something in the Water

There is something about the water that God has chosen to use as to remind us who we are and whose we are — as a tangible sign that we have been initiated, incorporated and given new birth through this water… and that all of this is offered to us without price.