Choosing the Kingdom Life

Part 2

January 24, 2018 • Derek Wooten

Our thought life is important. It's what shapes our words and actions. That's why it's essential to living a Kingdom life that we take on the mind of Christ. Listen to Part 2 of "Choosing the Kingdom Life" to see how through intentional living our thoughts can reflect His. (PDF notes available)

Checking Your Connections

A Series on Relationships - Part 1 • February 17, 2019 • Derek Wooten

In this first installment of "Checking Your Connections," we learn about the most important relationship you can ever have; your relationship with Jesus. Every relationship in your life will be better when your relationship with Jesus is best. Connecting to fake vines will corrupt your authentic connection to the Him, and keep you from living a full live. God's love liberates us!

The Keys of Dominion

February 10, 2019 • Rhonda Holland

More than ever before we need clarity on who God is and who we are in Him. In this message you will hear revelatory truths about the power of our obedience and spiritual authority we have when we call on the Lord. He is our Rock and Fortress, and with our prayers we use the keys of Kingdom we have been given as God’s children.

The Greatest Increase

February 6, 2019 • Derek Wooten

The best increase you can ever experience in your life is an increase in Jesus.