Show Me!

Do You Love Me?

April 23, 2017 • Clark Moran • John 21:1-19

Pastor Clark looks at the conversation that take place between Peter and Jesus following The Ressurection.

Mark 11:11-26

May 20, 2018 • Kim Moran

This week Pastor Kim shared with us 3 behaviours that we shouldn't settle for: Ritual Worship, Repressing Invitation, Referred Reliance.

Mark 11:1-10

May 13, 2018 • Allison Jeans & Elysia McCallum

This week Pastor Allison and Pastor Elysia showed us how we step into our purpose when we: Know Who We Are and Know The Role We Play!

Mark 10:46-52

May 6, 2018 • Clark & Kim Moran

This week Pastor Clark and Pastor Kim showed us how we need to: Admit the Need, Answer the Call, and Abandon the Past.