Spring Break Day Camp

March 11, 7:00am - March 13, 2024 12:00pm

Antioch’s Spring-Break Camp offers a fun-filled program for children who are 5- 13yrs. old.  The children will jump into action participating in fun and exciting activities and adventures. Each day will be filled with learning in a fun hands-on way!  Each day will emphasize a new day of creation, along with crafts, music, games, and engaging activities.  We are excited for you to be a part of the upcoming Summer Camps! Theme: Creation Days Day 1: Day/Night, Sky, & Dry Land/Sea Day 2: Sun, Moon & Star, Sea & flying creatures, Land animals & Humans beings Day 3: God Rested  3-Days of Fun Learning About Creation through Arts & Crafts  Sign-up Child: Parents: Online or Sign-up sheet  Volunteers: Sign-up online or Sign-up sheet 13-up  Ages: 5-13  No Cost: Donation excepted.  Breakfast, Snacks, or Lunch: Parents Responsibility  Pick-up: Parents responsible 12pm