It Is Written

Feb–Mar 2020


Matthew 4v8-10 • March 15, 2020 • Bert Alcorn

#The Bible is authoritative because Jesus is authoritative, thus biblical obedience is joyful worship to the true King.


Matthew 4v1-4 • March 8, 2020 • Bert Alcorn

#Big Idea: Life is found in Jesus, who we meet and encounter in his Word. #Key Texts: Psalm 1; Proverbs 13v13; Matthew 4v1-11; Genesis 3v1-7; Psalm 37v4; 2 Timothy 3v16-17; Psalm 19v14


Matthew 4v5-7 • March 1, 2020 • Bert Alcorn

#Big Idea: We want to get to know the Bible because we want to know God. The Bible is God’s Word and a primary means by which he makes himself known to his people. Because the Bible is coherent and a unified story, I will seek to understand it and find my place in it. #Key Texts: Matthew 4v1-11; Matthew 22v29; John 5v37-40; Matthew 11v27; Ephesis 1v16-17; Matthew 22v41-46; 2 Peter 2v1; Luke 24v13-27


Psalm 1v1-3 • February 23, 2020 • Bert Alcorn

#Big Idea: We trust the bible because we trust in Jesus. #Key Texts: Psalm 1v1-3; Genesis 3v1-7; Matthew 22v29; John 5v39-40, 45-47; Matthew 23v3-4; Matthew 5:17-19; Matthew 4v1