A Pastoral Comment On Refugees And Immigrants

January 29, 2017 • Bert Alcorn

Today, we want to pause take time to reflect and pray for refugees in and outside our country who are experiencing great fear. We know that throughout scripture, God invites his people to care for the immigrant, the alien and the sojourners, and we want to continue to that tradition. While that problem may seem far from the steps of Ventura, we must remember three vital things: 1. That praying is the most crucial and powerful thing we can do to fight the powers of darkness and evil and aligning our hearts to God's. 2. We all came from somewhere else, and we all know what it feels like to be in hostile and unfamiliar territory. 3. This is an issue at our very doorsteps. There people all around us in Southern California dealing with the realities of this weeks events. We're reminded of Moses' mother, from our bible reading plan, who, out of desperation, sent her son up the river to give him at a chance at life, when staying at home would mean certain death. We're also reminded of Jesus, Mary and Joseph fleeing to Egypt to escape Herod and infanticide in their homeland. The story of refugees fleeing violence in their homeland is engrained in our story, narrative, heritage and our faith. It was part of the journey of our savior Jesus Christ. Jesus, we pray today that you would be present with refugees and immigrants. You know what's it's like to migrate, leave everything, and cross a border. Jesus, teach us what it means to be a church in this season. Teach us how to resist fear and trust in your power, sovereignty and care. And teach us what it means to respond in hospitality, compassion and love. In Jesus' name, Amen.

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